America In Bloom

Web Design


Role: Designer
Studio: Mess


America In Bloom is a non-profit organization that promotes nationwide beautification through education and community involvement by encouraging the use of flowers, plants, trees, and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements. With its National Awards Program, annual symposium, and other resources, America In Bloom helps communities transform into more vibrant places to live, work, and play.

The previous America In Bloom website was outdated, difficult to update, and hard to navigate, with years of new pages and information added. This project aimed to create a new website that is easier to update and navigate and features more visual elements to help demonstrate the benefits of incorporating more plants and trees into communities. 

Website Analysis

By looking over the original website’s analysis, we learned that the most visited pages, beyond the homepage, were the symposium, national program, and grant opportunities pages. There was also an overwhelming amount of sub-pages to the national program and resources sections that got very little to no traffic. 


Beyond simplifying the site map and navigation, we focused on designing components that could be easily added to a current page or built into a new page with a clear hierarchy since the client would handle all updates in the future. 


Part of the problem with the old website was the lack of images to help inspire people and communities to get involved with America In Bloom and their National Awards Program. To convey the right message and have the most inspirational impact on their audience, a lot of time was spent sourcing images to properly highlight people’s positive connections in communities with plenty of greenery and flowers.  


The last issue that needed to be addressed with the America In Bloom website was creating a more modern, clean, and easy-to-digest system of components that would accommodate the various types of information on the website and highlight the images throughout. While the client wasn’t going to add all the information right away, such as the bookstore and webinar pages, we wanted to build a design that still incorporated all these elements for the future.


Live Site: