Center for Comprehensive Neurobehavioral Care

Branding and Web Design


Year: 2018
Role: Designer &
On-Site Photography Direction
Studio: Mess


In 2018 Dr. Lori G. Tall hired Mess to create the name, brand, and website for her new independent neurobehavioral care practice. The center specializes in providing neuropsychological, educational, and legal services and support for individuals and families. Services include evaluations, assessments, treatments, therapies, and advocacy.

Target Market

The majority of the clients at CCNC are children and teens and their parents —most coming to the center through professional referrals.

So to help us better understand what they would look for in a neurobehavioral center, we asked a group of 4,000 local working parents what would appeal to them for a practice focused primarily on psychological assessments and treatments for children and teens. Here are some of the insights we gathered:

Overall we learned that the vast majority of parents preferred something warm, welcoming, and not too clinical or distressing for children. There was also a general emphasis on still projecting a professional and experienced image —something the parents can trust that is not too cute or focused only on appealing to the younger patients.


With the insights gained about the target market, the final direction that we narrowed in on for the brand was: Refined and Radiant. Sophisticated and professional, yet colorful, calming, and cheerful.


In keeping with the branding focus, the website was designed to feature plenty of welcoming colorful photos to set the tone for their experience, especially in the office gallery section so any patients who might be anxious about coming can see what the office is like and hopefully ease their anxiety. Another important factor was providing potential clients with all the essential information they might need, in an easy-to-digest way.