GE Profile™ Recreational Living

Visual Identity & Marketing Collateral

This project for the GE Profile™ Recreational Living line involved the creation of a cohesive visual identity and a wide range of marketing collateral. The objective was to develop a compelling brand presence that resonated with outdoor enthusiasts who owned RVs or camper vans while staying true to the main GE and Profile™ branding.

The remote night sky imagery was used to speak to the awe-inspiring destinations that outdoor enthusiasts could discover while experiencing the comfort and convenience offered by the GE Profile™ Recreational Living products while also tying into the GE and Profile™ brand colors.

This visual identity was then translated to various marketing collateral pieces, including sell sheets, web and print ads, email blasts, and a comprehensive product brochure that effectively communicates the brand story, inspires consumer confidence, and showcases the GE Profile™ Recreational Living line as the go-to choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking innovative and reliable products for their RV or camper van experiences.


Agency — Evoke
Role — Designer