P&G Campaign Key Visuals


Below is a collection of some of the most impactful and engaging key visuals I have created while working in shopper marketing. These key visuals are the result of my passion for design, strategic thinking, and my ability to distill complex ideas into compelling visual narratives.

As the winning visual concept for these campaigns, each key visual was adapted to be featured across a range of promotional materials, including in-store signage, digital advertisements, and social media graphics, creating a cohesive visual identity for each campaign.

P&G + MLS Partnership Campaign

This campaign concept aimed to engage and inspire soccer fans in the northeast, fostering a sense of community among fans of different teams while also promoting the partnership and the purchase of P&G products.

The key visual served as the campaign’s central element across various ads and promotional materials through a strategic blend of vibrant imagery, evocative typography, and cultural aspects.

P&G + Harris Teeter Women’s History Month

In 2022 Blue Chip created Aisles for All for P&G and Harris Teeter to support different initiatives throughout the community. For Women’s History Month, we created a campaign for Aisles for All to partner with ArtPop Street Gallery to commission local artist Kalin Devone to depict iconic women on various Harris Teeter stores or nearby community walls.

Myself and a copywriter created the concept of “Women’s stories are works of heART” to showcase women’s stories through art, emphasizing their significant contributions and inspiring narratives. Due to the success of this campaign  Blue Chip and the Aisle for All program have gained positive press coverage in this MediaPost Article.

MLS + Capitanes del Futuro

For Hispanic Heritage Month, P&G ran a promotion in partnership with MLS and the Capitanes del Futuro program centered around helping Hispanic youth reach their full potential. Capitanes del Futuro is built around soccer to prepare the next generation of Hispanic leaders by combining the passion for soccer with education and career-building opportunities. The campaign’s goal was to drive awareness of Capitanes del Futuro while increasing the nationwide purchase of P&G products.

The key visual design aimed to capture the essence of passion, education, and empowerment. By blending the elements of soccer and education, the visual concept symbolized the transformative power of this partnership.

Summer Fabric Care Promotion

For this campaign, I was tasked with designing a visually engaging key visual to boost the purchase of fabric care products during the summer season. The target audience consisted of individuals and families who often get extra dirty during the summer months, particularly those involved in DIY projects and gardening.

The campaign concept a copywriter and I created was aimed to convey the message that cleanliness is an integral part of the overall experience when working outdoors. By showcasing these products alongside project supplies, we successfully highlighted the notion that clean-up supplies are just as vital as the materials for the project itself.

Back-to-School Promotion

This key visual was designed for the Back-to-School season and centered around the theme of preparedness for messes and germs that children bring home as they return to school. The concept aimed to convey the idea that parents should be ready for these inevitable challenges by stocking up on P&G products, just as they would stock up on school supplies.

Through strategic visual composition and compelling messaging, the key visual successfully communicated the message that P&G products are an essential part of every parent’s back-to-school shopping list. The visual narrative emphasized the value of being prepared for the messes and germs children encounter in their daily school activities, offering parents a sense of confidence and peace of mind. This key visual was adapted to appear across various marketing channels, including print, digital, social media, and in-store end cap displays in the school supplies section.