GE Appliances Commercial Laundry & LaunderDay App

Visual Identity & Marketing Collateral

For this project, GE Appliances sought a captivating and distinctive visual identity to showcase their wifi-connected washers and dryers, which seamlessly integrated with their appliance management system, SmartHQ, and their commercial laundry payment app, LaunderDay. The visual identity had to not only align with GE’s primary branding but also stand out on its own while resonating with both commercial laundry operators and end-users.

Then, using this visual identity was used as the basis for a comprehensive range of marketing collateral that spanned multiple channels, including a landing page, sell sheets, web and print ads, email blasts, social media graphics, and illustrations to be used in animated commercials and informational videos.

The result was a cohesive and eye-catching marketing campaign injecting a touch of playfulness while effectively communicating the ease and efficiency of the GE Appliance Smart Commercial Laundry Machines and LaunderDay app.


Agency — Evoke
Role — Lead Designer