Unused Branding Concepts


The process of creating a logo starts with a set of different concepts that gets narrowed down to one with rounds of design revisions. Here are some of the concepts that just didn’t win that final round.

Agency EA

Agency EA is an experiential marketing agency specializing in virtual events and experiential marketing. In 2019 they were looking to rebrand to reflect the fun, bold, and sometimes weird world of experiential marketing. The images to the right show the final design and then some of the iterations going back to the original concept.

Concept 1

Concept 2


United Benefit Advisors is the nation’s leading independent employee benefits advisory organization. In 2018 they were to replace their outdated branding with something vibrant and inviting to people of all ages and backgrounds. The logo marks here were created with the idea of people coming together and working for the greater good.


Expii is a free e-learning platform that offers creative, practical, and individualized lessons to make learning fun. They offer lessons on mathematical and scientific subjects ranging from geometry to astronomy to earth science. Founded by a math enthusiast, the name is loosely based on Euler’s identity (e^(iπ)+1 = 0), which inspired these logo concepts.


CPP is a sister company to York that operates outside of the Chicagoland area providing construction services to utility and wireless industries. The owners wanted something that was visually tied to the York branding but would also be able to stand out on its own.