York Utility Services

Branding and Web Design


Role: Designer
Studio: Mess


York Utility Services provides construction services to utility and wireless industries around the Chicagoland area. When they first formed in 2018, they were looking for a new brand that would help them stand out against the competition while also highlighting the positive aspects of their company, like the many years of experience the owners all have and veteran-owned status.

Competitive Analysis

Because York Utility Services was a new company, one of the main goals was to create a brand that would stand out amongst the competition and be polished enough to reflect the experience that the people behind York have. 

After looking at some of their main competitor’s brands and websites, it was clear that the field is saturated with primarily green and yellow color palettes and outdated logo and website designs.


After doing a competitive analysis and considering the founder’s desire to highlight their veteran-owned and veteran-friendly employer status, it was clear that going with a bold patriotic color palette was best.


Utility construction work is not the most photogenic subject. So, instead of photos of on-site scenes, we used more abstract images of elements of the construction work as background elements to help convey the industrial feel of the services they provide.