SCALES Open Knowledge Network

Branding and Web Design


Role: Designer


The SCALES – OKN (Systematic Content Analysis of Litigation EventS Open Knowledge Network) team is working on building an AI-powered data platform over the next three years to make the details of the federal judiciary and insights into how it works available and accessible to every single person. In these beginning stages, the main goal is to spread awareness to people and organizations who would like to help shape the platform, partner with, or sponsor Scales in creating a more open and inclusive future for legal analytics.


Because SCALES is born out of a collaboration of different schools under Northwestern University (Pritzker School of Law, McCormick School of Engineering, Kellog School of Management, and Northwestern School of Complex Systems), the branding has to reflect its connection to Northwestern by using the school’s colors. However, the group wanted a distinct design that was more welcoming to other universities to participate.


The website’s primary goal is to serve as an introduction to the open knowledge network project and get other people and organizations interested in being involved. I worked closely with the client on the copy to ensure the content clearly highlights how this project will benefit not only those from legal organizations but also journalists, non-profits, lawyers, researchers, companies, and institutes. Ten additional schools around the country joined in the first four months after launching the website.


Live Site: